Ann Harmon – Jewelry Artist.


Clara Nilles – Vibrant, whimsical, colorful animal paintings.


Damaris Bourland – Her vision works through wood. Toy Maker.

Dana Simson – Her artwork is inspired by the deep joy she finds in nature.


Denise D’Aoust – Silk Painter.


Elaine Lindberg – Creates unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. Jewelry Artist.


Elizabeth Davis – Mixed-media Artist.


Elizabeth G. Bohaker – Handmade spiritual Jewelry. Healing, empowering, inspirational.


Heidi Wetzel – Creates functional woven sculptures and baskets.


Holly Deutsch- Metalsmith and Jewelry Artist.


Jean-Pierre Weill – Dynamic and whimsical 3-dimensional work through panes of glass. Vitreography.


Joan L. Owings – Painter.


Joyce Fritz – Polymer clay insects and animals. Her techniques in clay are an ancient process used with modern materials.


Karen Gaillard O’Dowd – Karen’s work reflects a passion for all things cast-off. Found Object Artist.


Kathleen Ryall – Potter and Ceramic Artist.

Laura Mostaghel – Laura’s appreciation of nature and love of animals is reflected in her painting. Acrylic & Oil Paintings.


Lisa Fiedler Jaworski – Lisa’s background begins with her 20 years of graphic design. She loves to paint and this shines through in her wonderful bright, earthy works.


Liza Hunter Muhly – Decorative and functional fine Gourd Art.


Maggie O’Leary – She works in different medias: oils, pastels, collage, print-making, and watercolors. Artist/Illustrator.

Megan Richard – A water colorist.

Meg Forward


Michael Choi – His designs are created through visualizations stemming from his lifelong art training and his meditations. His experiences in engineering brings his jewelry collections to life.


Myra Copus – Through her love of nature. Oil Painter.


Nell Hazinski – Potter.


Pam Hagerhorst – Beautiful fire pit pottery. Ceramic Artist.


Parran Collery – Her brightly glazed terra cotta tiles are inspired by nature, the cosmos, and the charm of simple objects. A combination of sophisticated and whimsy designs.


Stephanie Scarlata – Has a sharp eye for detail. This local artist creates water-like abstract paintings and drawings.


Susan Stockman – Creates her beautiful art from that which is broken or discarded: reclaimed silver, ceramics, and found objects as her basic materials. Jewelry Artist.


TJ Monzo – paintings of the Chesapeake Bay and the surrounding area, acrylics, utilizing spoons and pallet knifes, and using a kaleidoscope of color.


Wende L. Woodham – She works with ribbons to create her small works of art. Fiber Artist.